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Justice Fountain, Berne

Scale up Justice Fountain, Berne (Photo by Bern Tourismus)

Switzerland has harmonised its civil procedure, criminal procedure and criminal procedure for juveniles. The role of the cantons is to regulate the powers of the courts and the prosecution services. In the canton of Bern, the organisation of the judicial authorities and the state prosecution service is governed by a single law, Gesetz über die Organisation der Gerichtsbehörden und der Staatsanwaltschaft (GSOG) (German/French).

Judicial authorities and prosecution service

The courts and the prosecution service were reorganised recently. The number of regional court districts has been reduced from thirteen to four. The examining magistrates’ offices are now integrated into the cantonal prosecution service.

A single body now heads the civil and criminal courts, the administrative courts and the prosecution service. It coordinates judicial matters and represents the courts’ and Public Prosecutor’s budget, financial planning and areas of responsibility before the Cantonal Parliament.

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