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Data protection

Web statistics

Statistical analyses help us to improve our online services. This is why we process anonymous data on how this website is used and pass the data on to third parties (see below: ‘Anonymous evaluation of user behaviour’). Other data that is created when you use our website – such as the details entered into contact forms – is processed only to the extent needed for you to obtain the service you want. We do not pass this data on to third parties.

Email and contact forms

When you access this website via the internet and enter your details into contact forms and other input fields, your data is encrypted. The information that you send in emails, on the other hand, is not normally in encrypted. This means that your emails to employees at the Canton of Bern could be read or altered by third parties. Nevertheless, it is perfectly normal in business to communicate by email.

If you send your enquiry to us by email or using our contact form, you give your consent to us to contact you by email. If you do not want us to contact you by email, you must state this expressly in your enquiry. Give us your contact details, for example a telephone number or a postal address, so that we can reach you.

Anonymous evaluation of user behaviour

The following data is processed in anonymised form using Adobe Analytics and passed on to Adobe Systems Inc.:

  • the time of access,
  • the approximate geographical location from which the website was accessed (your IP address is not passed on)
  • the volume of data
  •  the search terms,
  • details of the operating system, and
  •  the browser and display unit.

If you do not wish your data to be processed, you can deactivate the collection and processing of your data for one year. To do this, click on the following link. You have to allow your browser to save the required cookies.

Contact for questions

If you have any questions on data protection in connection with this website, you can contact the office responsible for its content. You will find the contact details on the page marked ‘Impressum’.


The content on this website constitutes a non-binding information service. Although we regularly check the information to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date, we exclude all liability, insofar as this is permitted by law, for any adverse consequences of using this information.

Our website contains links to websites offered by third parties. You use these links at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for the content of other websites. In addition and in particular, we provide no guarantee that our online service will be constantly available and exclude all liability for any loss or damage (e.g. due to a break in connection or harmful software) that may arise from using our website.

Intellectual property rights

Content on this website (pictures, sound, films) that may be listened to, viewed or both may belong to third parties. Accordingly this content may not be used elsewhere. On request, the Canton of Bern may permit their use outside the website if it is entitled to do so. Requests should be addressed to the office responsible for the content of the website. You will find the contact details on the page marked ‘Impressum’.

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